Mr. Mu from YZPC was elected president of the sixth Animal Health Association of Hebei Province

Release Date:2017/9/13 14:46:57

Sep. 10th, 2017fifth animal health association of hebei province held its fourth council in Shijiazhuang, deputy director of animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Hebei Province Mr. Feng, chief veterinarian of t provincial agriculture office Mr. Zhao, the relevant leaders from veterinary department of provincial agriculture office and Provincial veterinary drug inspection office attended the meeting, and other 139 members of council attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by president of the fifth Council, Mr. Zhao. In accordance with the established agenda, delegates listened to and deliberated on the work report and financial report of the fifth Council, discuss and adopted bill of the legal representative, president and other heads change and office address change. CEO of YZPC, Mr. Mu was elected president of the sixth Animal Health Association of Hebei Province by participants.

Deputy Director, Mr. Feng, has given full affirmation to the work of the Fifth Council; particularly during serving members enterprises and government played an active role as a bridge, gave a high appraisal of the achievements of the Association and put forward new goals and requirements for the work of the new association.

Mr. Mu, the new president, expressed heartfelt thanks to all levels of leadership and member units for their trust and turned the trust into a motivation for work in the future, willing to do their best to lead animal health association brainstorm and forge ahead, gave full play to the role of bridge of the association, for members unit to do some practical things, do some difficult things, do something that enterprises cannot do and make a new contribution to the Hebei animal health undertaking.

During the meeting, the deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of vet, Mr. Wu also informed the work of province's Veterinary Supervision, and deployed several important tasks in the near future.