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Company Profile

In 1972,  Yuanzheng pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, China.

Production facility and capacity

The company is equipped with a professional laboratory, staffed by highly qualified personnel to ensure quality control from incoming goods through to finished products.

All the production lines were built or reconstructed according to the GMP regulations. There are six productions at present, with 300 kinds of animal medicines, the main production capacity is as follows:

Powder for injection: half billion vials (5~100ml) per year.

Liquid injection:         250 million ampoules (2-10ml); 10 million bottles (50-500ml) per year.

Premix (powder):       25 million sachets (about 2500 tons) per year.

Oral solution:             3000 tons (50-1000ml) per year.

Tablet (Bolus):           Albendazole, Levamisole and other bolus of different size and color.

Raw material:             Amoxicillin Sodium, Ampicillin Sodium and other veterinary raw material of

                                  different package.

The staffs in our company

Details of the staff:  All of our employees have been trained professionally for some special positions,all of them have operation certificate.