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Release Date:2017/11/9 14:35:40

November 3, 2017, Mr. Liao, chairman of VICA GROUP, with his colleague visit YZPC, CEO of YZPC, Mr. Jia, Vice-CEO Mr. Chen and CTO Ms. Wei, production director Mr. Wei attended the meeting and conducted a work exchange discussion.


It is understood that VICA GROUP is a high tech enterprises of agriculture and animal husbandry with livestock and poultry breeding and health services, health care premix, biological veterinary drugs as the core business; livestock and poultry breeding and health services, biological feed, biological veterinary drugs, biological fermentation engineering, industrial Internet together; focus on agriculture and animal husbandry technology products manufacturing and livestock breeding and management. The VICA GROUP is established at 1997, and it develops rapidly; in a short period of ten years, it has become a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the state recognized enterprise technology center, research lab for postdoctors, etc., and the development of enterprises is full of stamina.


Leader of VICA GROUP focused on details of the company's R & D center, quality inspection center, production workshop and other hardware facilities during visit, and gave a high appraisal on production environment, hardware equipment and quality control. At the same time, the leaders of both sides of enterprises discussed on team management under high cost, dealer management upgrade, promoting of marketing efficiency, how to develop export trading taking advantage of one Belt, one Road, how to carry out spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on enterprise development planning, etc.


Finally, through the sincere communication between the two sides of the enterprise, deepened mutual understanding, and also laid the foundation for further cooperation in the future.